As urbanisation spreads its impact over habitable land man is gradually being isolated from the natural world. At the same time poaching, habitat destruction and different kinds of pollution are pushing our rich flora and fauna more towards the black hole of extinction. Under these circumstances it is becoming more and more essential for human beings to confront nature in its pristine form. It is the only way that man will learn to understand nature. Hence recent ventures in the field of eco-tourism or conservation-tourism are directed towards bridging the gap between man and animal.
SUNDERBAN TIGER TENTS is such a permanent conservation tourism centre. Situated in the Bidya Forest Range in the heavenly mangrove forests of Sunderbans on the north bank of Gumdi River overlooking the dense forests of Pirkhali on the south bank of the river.

CALCUTTA SNAKE PARK was established on 2nd October 1977. It was inaugurated by Mr. Parimal Mitra(Honorable Minister of Forest, Govt. of West Bengal) and Mr. Ram Chatterjee(Honorable Minister of Civil Defense, Govt. of West Bengal) who was the chief guest.
Calcutta Snake Park is 10 kms away from Dum Dum airport and 5 kms from Madhyamgram railway station in Sealdah-Bonga line. Moreover it is directly approachable via bus route 93 from Kolkata(Bagbazar).
Calcutta Snake Park is situated on two acres of land which is full of greenery. Infact 70% of the park is devoid of concrete. The effect is sublime and natural. The snake park is presently recognized by central zoo authority as one of the leading zoological facility in India.

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